About me

​Hi, welcome to my house! Well, my virtual house, I guess. I hope this is a place we both come to relax and unwind. I’d offer you a nice hot latte or some crisp Rose but I don’t think it will reach you, so let’s just pretend. K, thanks!

You may find any combination of interior and fashion styling, client photography sessions, musings on motherhood and a random mix of my 1M hobbies. As a 4w3 (individualist with an achiever wing), I have a special love for the enneagram. I’m a creative who craves honesty and curates beautiful things. I’m 100% aware of most of my flaws and very self-conscious at heart. I use my style as a way to balance this and help me feel comfortable with you.

If you’re still reading and want to know more, this is for you.

  1. I married my college and Young Life sweetheart at the tender age of 21. Yep, we wed in between our Junior and Senior year and it throws everyone for a loop. Only by the grace of God are we still a perfectly paired match. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary and I can’t remember life before him. 
  2. Three littles call me Mama. They keep me on my toes and stretch me in ways I never thought possible. I absolutely love being their mom.
  3. I’m a wanderer at heart who lives through new experiences. At any given moment I’m planning or begging for our next adventure.
  4. In the past few years I’ve discovered a love for cooking. Our family is gluten and mostly dairy free. If you’d like to know why, ask!
  5. I love styling literally anything- an outfit, empty bookshelf, entire room, you name it. I express myself through my clothing and interior style and hope I inspire you to do the same.
  6. Oh, and occasionally people pay me to take photos of their gorgeous families so you’ll see lots of their cute faces around here too.

Thanks for coming over. I hope you’ll be back soon!