New Year, New Website

img_4323Wow. 2019.   A new year, a new you. Isn’t that what they always say at least? Well, 2018 was a humdinger of a year for my personal growth and I super appreciate you hanging with me while I navigated unfamiliar waters. In some ways I failed and in some ways I found success, but it wasn’t always pretty and definitely not perfect.

I’ve been struggling to figure out what I want my blog to say or focus on for you, my loyal friends and followers. For a while (on my actual blog) I just posted pretty pictures because I thought that’s what you wanted to see. I’m regrouping and realizing that focusing on that kept me from creating actual content on the regular and left me with a long to do list of things you asked me to write that never came to fruition.

Hopefully this will be my year of focus. Because I have a million people and things I love, I will likely always feature a broad range of topics but you can expect some combination of what I’m cooking up in the kitchen, personal and interior styling, travel tips from recent visits, and mom hacks. I’d also LOVE to regularly feature guest contributors who have something they’d like to share.

During the past year, I learned that I don’t enjoy writing interviews but I LOVE conducting them. I’m potentially thinking about translating that piece of my vision into a podcast at a later date. As a 2 on the enneagram one of my strongest personality traits has always been my ability to have a deep feeling conversation with just about anyone I meet. Mostly because I LOVE hearing people’s stories. Learning about their perspectives, experiences and lives changes me. Anyways, it might sound cheesy but I think it could be a fun and meaningful venture. Stay tuned!

Just to be a little EXTRA and confusing, I’ve decided to rebrand my blog to just Curated by Cassie. I loved that name more a year ago and I should’ve gone with my gut initially. The original title has always felt a little too wordy for me and I’m excited that having to redo the website gave me an excuse to change it before things progressed any further.

Speaking of, what do you think of the new digs? Once I became more active on Wix I realized it’s really not meant for bloggers. I chose it because I’m always pulled in by beauty over function and per usual, it was not the best strategy. I’m actually really excited about the switch to WordPress and its advanced capabilities that will allow me to serve you better!

IF you love seeing all my updates on Insta and would like to have those recipes, design inspirations, and curated outfits delivered fresh into your inbox, please hit the subscribe button! And if you really like all the new changes coming down the line- tell your friends, mom, neighbors, and coworkers,  so they can be a part of this community too. The more the merrier, at least thats how I usually feel!

Happy New Year guys! Thanks for all your support in 2018- I’m so grateful for all the ways you’ve pushed me and encouraged me. Let’s make this our best year yet.


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